I am not a doctor and this is not medical advice. This is only my opinion on a complicated issue. I recommend you speak with your preferred physician and make an informed decision upon their recommendations. But just as I cannot sue you for following your suggestion to get the vaccine, but then I have an adverse reaction to it… you cannot sue me for agreeing with my opinion to not get vaccinated, but fall ill with the virus. Make sense? Just thought I’d clear up the legal crap before getting into my opinion… 

Do you understand how vaccines work?

If you *honestly* do, then you would not demonize people who prefer natural immunity.

Those of you demanding people get vaccinated are ill-informed at best, and willfully ignorant at worst. Imagine how you would feel if someone followed your ill-informed advice, and got an irreversible allergic reaction… too bad they could not sue you for your peer pressure tactics. Because the way some of you preach mandatory vaccinations, the law suit would be warranted, in my opinion.  

The official government CDC website clearly explains how vaccines work. My recommendation is to get your head out of the sand and do some comprehensive reading. Do some extra research on the ingredients and the possible side effects (of any and all vaccines, for that matter). 

The purpose of a vaccine is to minimize your own symptoms. So you do not “become ill”.

Vaccinated people can still spread the virus and do not give you or others a natural barrier. This is a fact, not an opinion. 

Would you prefer a 99.9% recovery from the worst of symptoms, to never have it again? Or would you prefer a 76% effectiveness of the vaccine, but still able to catch and spread it?

I prefer a 99.9% recovery. Of course, some people may sincerely benefit from a vaccine… and if that is you, then I do not take any issue with your decision. I take issue with those demanding healthy people like myself be put in harms way by injecting these foreign, ill-tested concoctions. No thank you. I’m healthy, and good.