Isn’t it interesting how a few people (even Christians) can make white people feel guilty about their skin? But most Christians do not feel guilty about their sin?

It is a sin to make someone feel guilty about their skin. God made us the way He made us and there should be no guilt trip about it. Do you want to have God’s wrath for questioning His creations?

Sin is not a result of skin. It is a result of free will. That is something everyone has.

If you have a problem with someone, you should ask God to heal the problem. He will. And when He does: sometimes the problem will appear to resolve itself. Sometimes the person will be removed from the situation, maybe even out of your life. Sometimes it is you that needs the healing.

But as Christians we can expect persecution for our Faith. What amazes me is sometimes that persecution comes from within the Church. And because of the color of our skin. But not because of our sin. Pray for healing.