I have created a new category to post my Google reviews here on my blog. I have over 10 million views of my photos and tens of thousands of my reviews. This will serve as my own repository to document places that I review.

The manager, Bryan with a y, at the Panera on Skibo Rd. in Fayetteville, N.C. does not understand the first thing about customer service.

I ordered a rapid pick-up order through the Panera app. My son also ordered a rapid pick-up order through the app. When the app alerted me the order was ready to be picked up, I went to the drive-thru. I announced I was there to pick up two mobile orders. The lady said I had to come in. I told her I know others have gone through the drive-thru to pick up their rapid pick-up order, my son being one. (He regularly gets his rapid-pick up through the drive-thru, albeit at a different Panera.)

Another gentleman got on and repeated what the lady had said, that rapid pick-up orders had to go in, to pick-up.

Then I asked to speak to the manager. The manager then took it further and said it is “company policy” that rapid pick-up orders made through the app have to be picked up inside. I asked his name and told him I would be contacting the corporate office. He said his name is Bryan with a y, and essentially indicated he did not care that I would be contacting the corporate office.

I parked and contacted Panera customer service. The first gentleman listened carefully, apologized, and sympathized with my experience. I asked to speak to a supervisor and he got one on the line in a reasonable amount of time.

Emily, the supervisor listened carefully to my complaint. She explained there is no company policy that states the store cannot deliver a rapid pick-up order through the drive-thru. She said she would pass my complaint on to the Area Operating Partner who would handle my complaint with the manager. She also gave me a $15 credit to be applied on a future purchase. While I appreciate Emily’s ability to have empathy and her response, I would like to know what actions were taken against the incompetent manager.

I am getting tired of managers who act more like dictators instead of acting like they own the business and want you to come back.

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