I had a “wake-up call”… Thankfully surgery is not necessary. And as long as I lose weight and get in shape, I should be okay.

I learned about the rectus sheath yesterday, from my doctor… basically the group of muscles that make up the much-desired six-pack or twelve-pack abs.

Mine have weakened causing me to have Diastasis Rectus Abdominis (Diastasis Recti). Often women get this after pregnancy. Men and children can also get this. The symptom that led me to see the doctor is an epigastric hernia. Basically, my ab muscles and the connective tissue called the linea alba that connects them have weakened/stretched to the point where my stomach lining is protruding or doming, like a hernia. But I am not experiencing any pain or other issues that make it serious, requiring surgery.

This is not me… but similar to what I have.

My doctor told me last year it’s time to lose some weight… for my age and height, I am carrying around more than is acceptable (not enough muscle anymore).

Better eating habits, proper nutrition, and exercise are not a luxury to “get around to one day” but a necessity for a healthy body.

I do not think I have poor eating habits although I will be making changes. While I do not eat a lot of junk food (certainly not as much as when I was younger) I was more conscientious last night by not having ANY pizza the family was eating. I usually enjoy a couple of slices, sometimes more. Instead, I had a chicken salad. Yay me. haha…

Decisions and choices can be difficult. No more fast food, or junk food like potato chips. I’m not saying “never again”, but certainly much less. And I will make more effort to watch my portion size.

I have had trainers in the past. But I do not exercise as I should presently. This is something I keep putting off and am now paying for it. Procrastination is not a good thing, especially when one’s good health is imminent.

I have done some research and I can “fix” or heal this issue but it is a delicate matter. I will have to be very careful with the exercises I do… and some, like sit-ups and crunches, are not recommended as they can make the problem worse, by widening the gap. I may look into finding a physical therapist that specializes in this.

If you are a generally healthy guy but have a beer belly (or dad bod as people call it now) you may have a weakened rectus sheath. I would recommend asking your doctor about it and getting on a proper diet with a good exercise regimen to strengthen your core before it’s too late.

Procrastination is the enemy of having healthy habits.

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