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The following thoughts from me have come about while watching a conversation on a social networking site between an occupy supporter and one of my nephews in the military. 

Let me get right to the point. I’m aggravated when a group of people (occupiers) with cozy lives are essentially challenging the ideals of the very people (military) out there sacrificing their very lives so the former group (occupiers) can have a cozy life. If someone is going to tell me they are willing to fight for my Freedom and give up their normal life so I can have a normal life, I’d listen to his/her ideals and give weight to them. I’d respect a soldiers point of view more than a Michael Moore-ish, entitlement attitude. Yes we all have a certain amount of free speech, and everyone is entitled to their own opinion (no matter how wrong they are). However, how many occupiers are willing to go fight a war for their Freedom? NOT MANY. Some, maybe, but not many. What gratitude to our service men and women around the world when they are sacrificing their lives and comfort while occupiers sit on their butts shouting “give me” and “it’s not fair”. Since when was life fair anyway? But even the poorest American has more than most people on the planet. Is THAT fair? 

So yes, it’s a cozy life when comparing living somewhere with bombs going off everyday, or living in substandard conditions with no running water or electricity to what even most of our poorest in America have. And yet as we can see with the occupy movement, it isn’t enough for them. “Give me more. Give me what I want. Give me what I think I deserve.” Should we strive to raise everyone’s standards? Yes. And consider that at one time only the wealthy could afford a TV. Now most of our poor have 2 or even 3 TV’s! Think about every luxury this Country offers (electricity, running water, video games, leather shoes, tooth brushes, social networking, etc), and compare to the rest of the world. The standard of living for our poor is higher than for the poor around the world. The standard of living for our poor has risen consistently and even exponentially compared to the wealthy. As an occupier, are you willing to give half of what you have to someone elsewhere on this planet to make their life more fair and equal compared to yours? If you are willing, then DO IT. Don’t be a hypocrite. If not, then stop protesting. It is foolish.

Many occupiers are upset there are “no jobs”. Hey occupier, why do you want to work for the 1% when you are protesting against them anyway? You are demanding they give you a job, yet you have no problem condemning them. That’s called biting the hand that feeds you. Either stop condemning the 1% or go find a job you are qualified for. My 12 year old son even goes out and hustles to do little jobs to make money to buy things he wants, and he even contributes to the family! Why is it so hard for the average occupier to do the same. Jobs are there. Go hustle to get one, or create one! Most occupiers just don’t want the jobs that are there. That is why illegal immigration is allowed to proliferate in the USA: there are jobs that need to be done and illegals are willing to do them! Jobs are there. Have you not searched job websites? There are hundreds of job sites with thousands upon thousands of jobs posted. Maybe there are many jobs you are not qualified for, or in your realm of ability but keep searching and you will find the jobs that do match your ability. Technology has made it so easy. Learn how to optimize your resume and profile on sites like and recruiters will call YOU. 

But in the event you can’t find a job and wonder why you can’t, think about what you buy and where it’s made. It’s ironic that the occupiers protest jobs being outsourced yet are all to proud to use their Chinese made iPhones to snap photos about the OWS movement and post to social networking sites such as the one where the conversation was initiated that sparked my thoughts here.

Maybe if the 99% were willing to take jobs the illegals are willing to do and if the 99% stopped buying foreign made goods, there would be less unemployed. Just sayin…

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