Yes, I say this every year because it is true, and eventually people may start to agree…

The 4th of July and Independence Day are not interchangeable.

Do we say Happy January 1st or Happy New Year?

Do we say Happy February 14th or Happy Valentine’s Day?

Do we say Happy March 17th or Happy St. Patrick’s Day?

Do we say April 1st or April Fool’s Day?

Do we say Happy May (date) or Happy Monther’s Day?

Do we say Happy May (date) or Happy Memorial Day?

Do we say Happy September (date) or Happy Labor Day?

Do we say Happy October 31st or Happen Halloween?

Do we say Happy 4th Thursday in November or Happy Thanksgiving?

Do we say Happy December 25th or Merry Christmas?

Why would we diminish the meaning of Independence Day by not even saying what it means? The left enjoys dismantling our traditions and too many people on the right go along with it. Be better than they are and honor the holiday by celebrating its name…

Independence Day.

Tomorrow as you start your festivities and share your posts celebrating Independence Day, how about saying the name and not diminishing the importance by relegating it to only saying the date July 4th.

Independence Day is a day to celebrate Freedom from tyranny, Freedom from slavery, and Freedom from invasive laws that stifle personal responsibility.

Happy Independence Weekend. I hope you are enjoying the meaning behind the words… Independence. Freedom.