Do not let the news media make you think one illness is more important than others. Do not live in fear of Covid-19. The odds of dying from it are far less than many other causes. You are still more likely to die in an auto accident or suffer a heart attack. Yet, the odds of catching Covid-19 and recovering are outstanding. The odds are much in your favor to survive. However, if you have a weakened immune system you must exercise every precaution.

People still suffer from all kinds of issues that have been all but forgotten. All thanks to the nonstop press coverage of the Covid-19. Is one more important than another? For example: is it fair to say that one’s suffering from Covid-19 is more important than someone else suffering from a stroke? All illnesses are not experienced equal. Some cause more pain than others. Some people have a higher tolerance for pain than others. There is no real way to qualify or quantify one’s suffering.

When you lose someone because of any illness, the reason is irrelevant. They died. That is what makes you sad, and it hurts. Yes, you will want to know the cause, in case the death was preventable. You will want to know if a change in behavior somewhere along the way would have prolonged their life. However, while a cause of death may be preventable, death itself is inevitable. Moreover, while other’s life may be able to be prolonged, your’s may not be. It is all an unknown.

Death is a guarantee in life. It is inevitable.

Being afraid of any or every illness there is, because you might die from it is a cowardly way to live. I am not suggesting never to take precautions. We must. We teach our children to look “both ways” before crossing a street. We should also adhere to health and safety precautions. In that way, we extend our lives as long as we can. We need to be able to see what is coming and adjust as much as we can. It is reasonable and logical to do so.

It is unfortunate that people get sick. Sometimes they recover. Sometimes they die. One day a loved one will get sick. They may recover. But one day you will lose a loved one to something. One day you may get sick. You may recover. Then, one day a loved one will lose you to something. It is inevitable. But the odds are it will not be Covid-19.