Everyone dies. Fact.

Call me insensitive. Call me morbid. But one day we will each die. Of something.

I do not understand why people worry over catching Corona Virus/Covid 19/China Virus. Corona Virus has been around for many years. The last time it was a “threat” it was called SARS (look it up…). There was no panic. This one is a different strand of SARS because it mutates like the flu. But we do not get excited about the flu mutating. We live our lives with business as usual.

People die from the flu, but the public is not concerned. People transmit sexual diseases, with little concern for their partners. People die in (preventable) car accidents. The public is not concerned. Generally speaking, the public does not concern itself with other’s welfare or well-being. Unless the government puts them in a panic.

No one wants to get sick. No one wants to catch the Corona Virus. All we have to do is practice good hygiene and disinfect surfaces often. Lysol Disinfectant states on the can that it protects against Corona Virus. Do you not disinfect your home and work surfaces? Apparently not. But that is all we have to do. I guess I shouldn’t expect people to use common sense and practice good hygiene.

Heck, I’ve seen grown men leave the public restroom without washing their hands. I once watched a guy walk from the restroom without washing his hands. He then walked into the kitchen of a restaurant in the food court! YUK. Needless to say I never ate there. But I digress.

Remember in the 80’s, there was a boy that lived in a bubble? His immune system was so weak. He was allergic to everything and the smallest of germs could cause a deadly infection in him. But the world did not cover itself in a bubble so he could live outside one. He lived in one.

This is what is happening to us now. We are being mandated to create a bubble around ourselves. In order that others with weakened immune systems do not have to live in one. Do not misunderstand. I do have sympathy for those with weakened immune systems. However, once the Corona Virus is done… and life gets back to normal, it is inevitable we will be once again affected by a new “deadly” virus. Are we going to always live in a state of panic and fear of viruses? Are we going to always live in a state of “social distancing”?

I won’t. I refuse to accept that as a new normal.

I do not apologize for what my beliefs are, as I am sure you do not apologize for your beliefs. And I do not appreciate being hold-up and losing income to pay for the necessities for my family to live. We can devise a way to protect those with auto-immune deficiencies better. Then we can go on about our daily business as usual. If I were sick, I would not want nor expect the world to stop going round and round to “protect” me.

I am not afraid of catching Corona Virus. I’m 95-99% positive I won’t. But that does not mean I am not taking precautions. I do not want to get it, or spread it. So, I wash my hands and disinfect areas. If by some chance I do get it, the odds are I will survive it as I would any flu. In the freak chance that I die from it, I am not worried because I have accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. And also because I will die of something one day anyway… So, I am not worried. At all.