Recently I was asked by one of the parents at our son’s Little League winter camp if I still do my radio show. This actually caught me off guard. I rarely get anyone asking about it. Of course I replied “no” as I have put it on the back burner. Last summer I thought that once we got back from our vacation, I would have time to resume doing it. But between work, family responsibilities and just trying to find time to unwind in between, the time just isn’t there. But the question prompted me to ask myself why I really am not doing it. The most successful people in the world have the same 24 hour day and 7 day week as I do so it really comes down to priorities. We always do find time for those important things in life.

Lately I have felt like my life to be something that is in constant flux. There has constantly been something new to adapt to: we moved to Canada, I started a new job, we had a baby, etc. For some strange reason from the age of 27 to 37 I feel like things were more stable; but that’s when I got married, we had four of our five children and I changed jobs several times! Talk about being in flux. And yet I was doing the things I was passionate about; I was working in the radio industry. And I was making time for those important things I like to do, and for those special people in my life.

There is always time for what we want to do. We make time. Let’s look at a common example: Want to work out or exercise? You can easily make the time by cutting out a less productive activity like watching American Idol (or be creative and work out while you watch it!). It’s really a matter of making a schedule and sticking to it as much as possible. Will things divert you on occasion? Sure! This is “life” we talking about. But you can always get back on schedule by either skipping something less important, or just wait until the next day and start fresh.

It’s time for me to reevaluate and make the time to do my radio show. For me, that may mean changing jobs again, or simply adjusting my sleep schedule to accommodate an extra hour or two every day. The idea of doing the show always excites me, especially in this age of social media. The only thing stopping me is “time”. Maybe it’s time for another detour to get me where I want to go, doing the things I love to do: radio.

Are you doing things that you are passionate about? If not, why not? And if you are, what changes have you had to make in order to do them? Please reply; I’d love to read your comments. As always you can reach me privately by connecting at