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If you are like me, sometimes you wish you could save some of the posts your friends make on Facebook. Sometimes it’s because you want to come back to it and read it later, other times it’s because it’s just something you want to save; maybe something profound was posted, or something posted was just plain funny! Guess what? I just came across an app that does that! It’s called Memonic and can be found at www.memonic.com. They have a free version that allows you to save up to 100 items, and then they have an unlimited premium version for $28 through Jan. 31st, then it goes back to regular price of $49 ($US). 

What’s really cool, is that they have 3 levels of privacy: private, friends (on Memonic) and public. So you can share your favorite “likes” with anyone. Here is my public page:www.memonic.com/user/charlieprofit. (not much there yet, as I just started using Memonic) Your likes will stay there “forever” or until you delete it, or your friend deletes their post. 

Memonic is cool for other things too. If you are familiar with Evernote.com, you will appreciate the primary function of Memonic. You can clip/capture webpages or parts of them and save them, or just save links as well. You can compose items or even email your content in to save forever. For example, you can take vacation photos and send them in to your Memonic account via email and share them with friends, or not. Memonic also has an address book. So you can keep your contacts handy as well. Once you have uploaded an item, you can group them together with “sets” and then you can add collaborators to the sets using “groups”. You can define within the sets your privacy level too. 

All in all, I think Memonic is ahead of the game with this neat browser add-on that allows you to save specific posts from Facebook, and you can clip items you like from websites, such as Tweets from Twitter too. Their mobile application will no doubt continue to be a game changer as well. Now all we need is an Evernote and Memonic hybrid to get the best of both worlds. 

If you found this post helpful, have a comment or would like to tell me how you use Memonic, please share in the comments. You can also reach me privately at contact.charlieprofit.com.  

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