Have we as a society sunk to a new low? We carelessly toss life aside, with no regard for God’s purpose. This situation, with Terri Schiavo, is not one to be observed lightly. If you visit the website dedicated to protecting her life, TerrisFight.org, you will learn that she is not in a complete vegetative state, and that she can be rehabilitated to swallow food on her own. You will learn that she responds to stimuli; she laughs, she cries. Yet her husband is anxious to be rid of her.

I know, anxious is relative; it’s only been since February 1993 that Michael Schiavo has wanted her to die. All this time he has been fighting for her death, not her right to life. His arguement is that this is not the quality of life she would want. But it is his quality of life that he doesn’t want her to know about if she were to recover. He has a girlfriend, he became engaged to this woman in 1997. And he has children with his fiance. If Terri were to recover, he would have to hone up to the fact that he was not faithful. That can be quite the burden he is carrying around. He probably doesn’t want to acknowledge the fact that she is likely aware of it already!

Instead of allowing a dissolution of marriage for Terri (divorse is not possible), and allowing her parents to become her legal guardian, Michael Schiavo has chosen to play “God” and let her die. It is clear that he does not have Terri’s best interest in mind, and if you cannot see that, if the court’s cannot see that, then Michael Schiavo must be an excellent poker player.

While I am biased toward the sanctity of life, let’s examine this as objectively as possible. Terri Schiavo does not lay in a permanent vegetative state. She responds cognitively and voluntarily to stimuli, and tries to communicate verbally. She is not on life support. She does not have a ventilator or breathing apparatus. She does, however, have tubes that help her to swallow food and liquids. One may argue that this is a form of life support, but she has been denied, by her husband, therapy that would allow her the ability to swallow without the tubes. Does this sound like someone who should be left to die? Mike Schiavo may try to argue that Terri does not want to live with a feeding tube. But he has denied her the therapy that would allow her to to live without it!

Terri has so much to live for! She is not an elderly person, who has lived a full life, but now has many complications and is living in pain. Did you know the way she would be left to die is by starvation and dehydration? That is cruel and unusual punishment! I doubt that is the way Terri would want to die. She is still young, and you never know when a miracle might happen. I firmly believe that if enough people truely pray for Terri, that she will be healed.

If you look at what Michael Schiavo’s interest in this is, you will come to realize that Terri’s life is not worth giving up! Michael has found himself a new girlfriend. But like any self respecting guy, doesn’t want a divorce on his record. He would rather become a widower. He has children with his fiance of 8 years. How would he explain his actions to a woman he once loved that he no longer loves her, because she was incapacitated? I’m sure Terri would be understanding if he admitted that he had relations with another woman, after all he’s only human and many American’s didn’t have a problem with our President doing it. But to want to allow the woman he married to die because of a sickness, so he can marry another is deplorable.

There is also financial gain for Michael in this. The award given to Terri from her malpractice suit has not been utilized for what it was awarded for. By 1993 almost half had been used to help pay for Michael Schiavo’s legal fees, appoved by Judge George Greer! There is a blatant misuse of Judicial power here!

We need to rally around Terri Schiavo, and others like her. It is unfortunate some people are quick to cast away life, especially when they have something to gain by it. Let’s not forget Michael Schiavo was ready to let Terri die in 1993! That’s only 3 years after her accident and soon after the award of the malpractice suit. And he has been fighting for his “right” to let her die. Well Michael, what about her right to live?