Before I get into my opine for the day, for those of you who may not catch the blog for my radio show, The BEST Show, here’s an update on the topic for August 8th:

Topics include discussing the local Apple Harvest Festival as well as something that might turn your colors red. I happened to be listening to another station’s morning show, who’s discussion was whether it would be acceptible for American servicemen returning home to have sex ON the very symbol of Freedom, The American Flag, in celebration of their return home! It’s outlandish! And the lack of respect American’s have is embarassing. We’ll discuss it Sunday evening at 5. Tune in on the internet at Call in at (860)621-1750. Sorry I don’t have an 800# yet.

Setting Goals has got to be one of THE most difficult things to follow through with. I set some goals, as specific as I could at the beginning of the year. I differentiate Goal Setting and Resolutions. What I have read, and believe to be true, is that in order for you to actually achieve your goals, you have to be able to visualize what you want, specifically. You help yourself to do this by writing them down, in a specific fashion, ie: I want a 5 bedroom, 2 bath house with blue shag carpets, green bathroom tile, red vinyl siding, an 8 car garage, 3 peach trees, a lush green lawn with 3 dandylions on a 17 acre plot. By the way, that’s just an example, it’s not my goal! But you get the picture. Be specific. After you have your ideas on paper, you are to read them at least twice a day; maybe morning and night. Once your Goals are on paper, you can start to develop a PLAN, to put into action that will help you achieve the reward. See, it’s not simple enough to just write it down. You have to know HOW you will achieve it. For example, you might say you want 1 Million Dollars. That’s fine. It’s a commendable goal to assertain. But, do you have any clue how the money will end up in your bank account? Goal setting is not a Genie in a Bottle who you can have wrinkle her nose and blink all while nodding her head to get what you want. It takes a plan. Ugh. You didn’t realize there was a little work involved in Goal Setting, did you? And who likes to plan their life? That might take out some of the fun and excitement of the unplanned tragedy, right? I want you to think about this for a day or so: What kind of plan or “map” would you outline for your life for certain improvements, or to attain certain goals you may have? Think about it.

I’ve fallen off the path, but I am “planning” how I expect to get back on, and STAY on! I’ll revist this in a day or so with a little more guidance to get your map written, so you too can achieve your goals.