I’ve been blogging for several years and I think occasionally I have offered product opinion. I’ve made a decision to become more focused with my blogging. That doesn’t necessarily mean a more consistent posting schedule. It does mean I am going to blog more about things I like. So while this is not really an inaugural post for a new blog, it is a new direction. I will continue to post random thoughts but you will be able to get more out of reading here now than in the past. So let’s move on. This post is supposed to be a scotch whiskey review.

I am a relative new comer to the world of scotch, whiskey and bourbon, at least from a real “enjoyment of the flavor” point of view. I have been trying different brands and flavors and have found the variety is as complex as finding the right cigar. If you have been following me for any period of time, you know I also enjoy cigars. So this began as a quest to find the perfect beverage to sip while puffing on a premium stogie.

If you are a connoisseur, you will have to forgive me if I don’t use proper terminology. With your help, in the comments or via email, I hope to improve my knowledge of the subject.

I have found that I generally like mine on the rocks. This seems to soften the taste on the palette just a little. I don’t know what the most enriching way to enjoy a good scotch whiskey is but this is what is working for me.

My review of the scotch whiskey No. 5 brand is short. Not because there is little to say, but more so that I am not sure how to describe what I have tasted as an aficionado would do so that you can understand and make a decision to try or not try this brand. Let me simply say that I found the drink to be very smooth, silky almost. The flavor was vibrant with sweet overtones an no harsh or bitter aftertaste. The color of the scotch whiskey is very appealing with a gold glimmer throughout. I find the aesthetic appearance of the bottle is simple and elegant as can be seen in the photo. Price range: average. I give the No. 5 Classic Black Scotch Whiskey five out of five.

If you enjoyed this review or have something to add please let me know in the comments.