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Are you all “caused” out? I am. Are you joining “causes” out of fear of being called insensitive if you don’t? I would rather be deemed insensitive and have my priorities straight, than support things I truly have no interest in supporting. One of the driving factors why these “causes” gain so much attention is because we as humans like to feel included in something. We want relational relationships. We like having things in common with each other. And we want to support others in their time of need, and hopefully we will be supported in ours. So we join “causes”, “groups”, “clubs”, “communities”, and “social networks”. There’s nothing really wrong with that. It’s natural for humans to form small communities. 

However, there seems to be a “cause” for everything (no pun intended), especially various diseases and health problems. I realize having a disease is a tragic thing for anyone’s life. But there are hundred’s if not thousands of “causes” for some disease or other. And it is simply impossible to be a champion for every cause. So instead of joining every “cause”, I join none. While I am sympathetic, there just isn’t enough time in the day to support these things. I have family members that suffer from heart disease, stroke, cancer, and other such issues. So I do understand the difficulties of dealing with them. On an individual basis, I am there for those that need the support. 

I firmly believe you attract what you think about. The more attention that is given to illness, the stronger it becomes, and the more of them there are. If you are supporting a cause for any type of illness, you are drawing that kind of experience into your own life. Scoff at me if you want. But we do need to take responsibility for our every thought! Negative thoughts, thoughts about anything with a negative driving force, can be magnetized and draw a negative experience into your life based on the feelings you have about those thoughts. Our thoughts are magnetized. It has been proven thoughts are a form of energy, and energy can become matter. As Mike Dooley from the movie “The Secret” says, “Thoughts become things”. 

We need to change our focus and celebrate the “cause” of life itself! Imagine how the world would change if we changed our focus from championing a “cause” for illness, to championing the only One that can truly eradicate it: God.