While the acts of violence from BLM and Antifa during all of the summer of 2020 eclipsed what happened in one day on Capitol Hill, Jan 6, 2021… and there is blatant hypocrisy from Dems and RINOs about these recent events on Capitol Hill, compared to how they reacted to the BLM and Antifa riots and looting during the summer… I want to say and be clear that I do not think it was right for MAGA supporters to breach Capitol Hill.

I have my suspicions about who actually did breach the Capitol and why they were allowed to, but that is for a different post.

We (Patriots) were not under physical attack. There was no reason to cause a highly intense situation to escalate to the levels it reached. The breach actually caused a different outcome of what could have happened if people remained peacefully assembled OUTSIDE the Capitol building. As a result of the breach, not only were we not properly and thoroughly heard in Congress, several people died including a police officer. Many more were injured as a result of careless actions from angry people, and those commissioned to protect.

The media will use every opportunity to use these actions against us (Patriots) and inevitably will make a normal life impossible. It is possible the left infiltrated and pretended to be MAGA but acted in ways we do not, and under our banner made us look like we are violent, insurrectionists. But again, that is for a different post.

The breach at Capitol Hill put a negative mark on the MAGA movement. We cannot allow the actions of the few overtake the voice of the many. We need to stand together against these actions and let it be known that we do not approve of or condone them, and will not tolerate them.

Most of all #TrustThePlan
Keep your #Faith