USA Flag with Eagle

I have no issue with anyone protesting or standing up for something they believe in. I do take issue with employees protesting on the employers dime and on my time. These NFL players are abusing their employment contract and the privilege to perform for me. They are entertainers, not moral judges. When I watch the NFL, it is to be entertained. That is what I sit through the commercials for… to be entertained. Not to be schooled on perceived injustices.

NFL teams are the employers of the players. The players are entertainers. Much like going to the movies or to a Broadway play, an NFL game is entertainment. The players are paid to perform at the games. It is not the time or place to bring sociopolitical commentary to the stage.

If these players want to make a difference, then they need to get involved in their communities. Talk to their local press (newspapers, radio, TV, Internet stations) and voice their concern there. They can call a press conference, start a foundation, meet with local leaders… But they should not protest on game day. Not while they are being paid to perform and not on my time.

There is a time and a place to voice opinions. If you go to watch your child in a play, you do not want to hear the teacher give her political stance on issues of the day. It would be wrong for the teacher to do so on school property. You just want to watch your child perform. A stadium is private property (possibly funded by public money). It is wrong for NFL players to make their sociopolitical opinions known as we pay respect to soldiers that died for our freedom. We paid to watch them entertain us, not to disrespect those who made our freedom possible.

Many men and women have died for our freedom. They died so people can protest and stand up for what is right. They also died for free speech. We may not always like or agree with what we hear, watch or read. But I believe it is disrespectful to not stand, salute and remember those who died as we begin to partake in an entertainment venue. A reason that many soldiers died for: in order that we can live. It is disrespectful to not show your respect to those who made the ultimate sacrifice that allows you the very freedom to voice your opinion.

If this simple concept cannot be understood by those of you that agree with the protest many NFL players are choosing, then we are indeed divided. No longer united. We shall soon fall.

United We Stand. Divided We Fall.