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I recently wrote about Memonic, a “clip and save” type bookmark/sharing service and how you can save your friends Facebook posts. Today I want to briefly share what you can do with a competitor called Evernote, probably the market leader in that space. Do you remember Google’s “Notebook”? It was a place where, inside your Google account you could, well, write notes! Google more or less discontinued support for Notebook; I’m not sure if you can add the application however I think if you already had it, you can still use it. Anyway… Evernote provides this ability nicely within it’s application. And, you can even write a note and share it to your Facebook account. Why do that when Facebook provides the ability to write Notes? I do not like putting my eggs all in one basket on the Internet. One reason being is that you never know when a company will close it’s doors. Many have good intentions of being in it for the long haul, but find the effort is not always worth the return on investment. Just last year I saw 4 or 5 services I used close doors. Already this year a couple more have done the same with little warning. So I like the ability Evernote has to share your notes on Facebook. Here are some more features pertaining to Notes that I have clipped from a recent Evernot Blog:

The Shiny New Evernote Web: Redesigned Interface, Expanded Note Sharing Options and More:

  • Notebooks Stacks: Visually group your notebooks into Stacks by either dragging one notebook onto another or by clicking on the arrow that shows up when you mouse over a notebook and choosing Add to Stack.
  • Snippet view: The note list Snippet View allows you to get a lot more useful information about your note without needing to open it–perfect for quick browsing.
  • Saved Searches: Perform any searches that you’ve saved using a desktop version of Evernote by clicking into the Search bar. Saved searches will appear in a drop down list.
  • Multi-selecting and dragging: The new Evernote Web allows you to select multiple notes by holding down the CMD key on Mac or the CTRL key on Windows as you click. Once you’ve selected the desired notes, you can drag these notes into a new notebook, tag or into the trash.
  • Auto-save: When creating or editing a note you can now select whether you want Evernote to autosave your note as you write, or to save it manually. Choose your preferred mode by clicking on the Autosave switch above the note editor.

Quickly share individual notes over Facebook, email and more!

Our focus is on your memory–helping you save and find all of your ideas, projects and inspirations wherever you may be. As you add more and more stuff into Evernote, you’ll likely want to share bits and pieces with family, friends and colleagues. That’s why we’re excited to announce a major expansion of our sharing capabilities to include quick sharing of individual notes through Facebook, email and your instant messenger.

Now, you have two great options for sharing your notes. If you’re working with a team on a project, then share a whole notebook. Or, if you want to share an individual note with friends, you can do that too. In the web interface, we’ve placed both sharing options into a new Share button located at the top of each note. Click the button to beginning sharing. It’s quick and easy. If at some point you decide that you no longer want to share a note, you can simply click on the word “Shared” that appears in the Note details to deactivate sharing.

Here’s an example of a shared note from my account. It’s a list of restaurants in San Francisco that I want to try. By the way, shared notes look great on mobile devices too.

We’re launching this feature as part of our Evernote Web redesign and will be adding it to other versions of Evernote shortly. You will also soon be able to share your notes to Twitter and other social sites.

To view notebooks that other Evernote users have shared with you, click on “Linked Notebooks” below your notebook list.

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