This is Mitt Romney’s party. This is why I have reservations about the Republican party and will not vote for Mitt. It is repulsive that they would not even acknowledge the votes for Ron Paul. Voting for Mitt is the same as a voting for Obama. They have the same beliefs about government.

Mitt will not win because he has lost the Independent vote. Even if he did win, we would see 4 more years of mostly the same. If they would put up Ron Paul as the Presidential Candidate, then they would win because they would have the Independent votes. 

I know my vote essentially won’t count because the victor, Obama, has been directly decided by the GOP and RNC. But I will vote for the person/party that espouses my beliefs and my conscience will be clear. (Still deciding if I will write in Ron Paul, or vote for Gary Johnson) 

Get ready to buckle down for a worse economy, more loss of civil liberties and an over reaching government who’s only desire is to get bigger. Thank you RNC for showing that the GOP is a true extension of the Democratic party.