Let me preface by saying that I really don’t actively watch TV. I prefer listening to music. BUUUTT, we turned on the ol’ boob toob tonight, you know the television. Entertainment Tonight was on. One of the stories was about a contestant on America’s Got Talent. Apparently Ivan the Urban Action Figure attempts a grand entrance by jumping on a trampoline and over some folding chairs. The stunt goes awry. Apparently the story ends on a good note, as it seems the contestant is okay. Of course ET sells the talent show by saying: To find out what happens, watch America’s Got Talent tonight at 8. Okay…we were curious, because the contestant’s fall really looked fake. When he landed on his back, his body did a vertical flip and he landed on his front. It just didn’t look like an accident.

Well what really got my attention was what judge Piers Morgan says to the contestants at the beginning of the show. He says something to the effect of: “These three minutes will be the most important minutes of your life”. HA! Really? What is so important about performing in front of three has beens? Don’t get me wrong. I enjoyed watching Knight Rider and Boob Watch, I mean BayWatch (David Hasselhoff), and I like some of Ozzy’s music (Sharon Osbourne is Ozzy’s wife and manager). But they are past their prime. What I mean by that, is what relevance do they have being judges on a talent show. And I have never heard of Piers Morgan. I think it is opportunistic for NBC to actually post on his bio that he was a close friend of Princess Diana. That just reeks of unprofessionalism. What does being friends with the Princess have to do with his ability to judge a talent show?

Well anyway, Piers makes it sound like these contestants will never experience anything more important in their lives than performimg for him. What arrogance. I can think of a dozen more important moments these people could potentially face. Sure, competing on National Television for 1 million dollars is a pretty big deal. But none of these people should define their lives by the outcome of their performance. For some, they may achieve greater stardome than what this show offers. There is some real talent on the show. And for others, even a life of what some may consider normal and mundane, they may experience moments in their life that are just more important, more defining than three minutes in front of Piers Morgan!

So, the outcome of Ivan’s stunt gone awry? Of course NBC saved it for the last act. He was taken to the hospital, but the reason for that was mostly just part of the safety procedure. He was disqualified. What a way to go.

One final note on this show. The way the judges try to fool the contestants with their decisions is tasteless. Piers says “Unforetuneately you are going to the short list”. What the hell does that mean? “Unfortunately”? He really isn’t funny. And then he tells the losers, “We enjoyed your performance and you were even better than last time. Your going home.” His attempt at an anti-climax is BORING.

Is this what American’s like to watch? Is this really what American’s think is entertainment? Are we really digressing, becoming mind-numbed blobs? Lord help us all!