I was trying to find more information on where Sarah Palin stands on education, more specifically Home Schooling. So far all I have been able to find is this:


Supports charter schools, home schools, & other alternatives

My administration will support existing programs that already offer alternative school options available throughout the state, including charter schools, rural boarding schools, home school options, correspondence schools, and vocational/technical,
and magnet schools. There are many successes out there that we can look to as models. My administration will support and expand existing programs that successfully offer new approaches to ensure an appropriate education for every child in Alaska.

Source: Palin-Parnell campaign booklet: New Energy for Alaska
Nov 3, 2006

I think this is great for Home Schooling because she will bring the same support for home schools to the oval office. Her experience having been on the PTA may also come as beneficial to home schooling because she has seen first hand how a local school board can mismanage it’s power.

My wife and I were somewhat disappointed in McCain’s acceptance speech where he went so far to support alternative forms of education, but then stopped at Charter Schools and did not openly mention Home Schooling. I told my wife that we can forgive him because it is his acceptance speech and his writer(s) just didn’t include it. But at some point we would like to hear the ticket openly support home schooling!

If you have more information on where McCain and/or Palin stands with this issue, please let me know. And also, be sure to check back frequently as I continue to find more support for home schooling from the McCain/Palin 08 ticket.

Many thanks to those of you subscribing. It is encouraging and I will continue with a regular and frequent entry.

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