Washington_Monument_dealsIf you know me, you know my political beliefs are that of Constitutional Conservative, Libertarian, and Objectivism. I also believe in being of good character: honesty, trustworthy, integrity,
moral, ethical, and empathetic to name a few qualities I admire and strive to be. Occasionally I have a weak moment, and as you can tell by the title, this is one of them. I just couldn’t find a nice way to put it.

I’ve never liked Democrat politicians, but they are true to their beliefs. In a way, that is like being honest. We know what to expect from them. We know most Democrats are self-serving liars (especially the Democrat Presidents have been). We know they want to expand Government and make society dependent on them. We know they believe in a system that makes everyone equal, no matter how much or little effort you put in. We know they do not believe America is the greatest society ever. We know they believe the US Constitution is a just a guide; an old document for a different time.

Republican politicians say they defend the Constitution. They say they stand for small Government and balanced budgets. They say they stand for Freedom: Freedom from Government tyranny, Freedom for personal rights, Freedom to choose what you want for your life. Republicans say they are conservatives

Why then are so many Republican politicians acting like liberal Democrats? Why are are so many Republican politicians back stabbing the people that voted for them? Why are Republican politicians not defending the Constitution? Why are so many Republican politicians voting for bills that expand Government? Why are Republican politicians like Mitch McConnell striking back-room deals for personal gain so Democrats can have want they want in the process?

I’ll tell you why: They have surrendered to and joined the Democrats. Republican politicians seek to preserve themselves only, not the people they swore to represent. Republican politicians are the true assholes. It’s time for a third party…It’s been time for a third party.

Are you ready to tell your Republican politicians that you voted for that you will no longer support them? Are you ready to stand for your beliefs? Or instead of doing what is right despite the consequences, will you side with popularity?