Snowflakes Behavior

The behavior from the left since Trump won the Presidency gives me fortitude that I have made the correct decision in my life choice to be a Constitutional Conservative. I do not approve of the left’s agenda to destroy America, and with a Trump Presidency some are hell-bent on following through by taking matters into their own hands. The snowflakes believe they should riot, loot and destroy private property. They even believe it is okay to harm those they disagree with. I’ve read about and watched multiple videos on how Conservatives have been physically attacked at “Trump protests”. Somehow the left believe themselves to be justified in these illegal actions.
If you challenge my assertion that a Conservative Constitutional government is what this Country needs, simply look to your family, friends and/or followers that have rioted, that have looted, that have caused property damage to business owners, that have caused physical harm to people they disagree with. Conservatives do not behave in such a manner. This behavior from the left destroys us from within. If you want to personally succeed, and you want humanity to succeed, you must stop condoning this divisive and destructive behavior, or the harm to those who are trying to make a better life for themselves and ultimately for you. Your “silence is complicity”.

President’s Sometimes Fail

Regardless of which side of the political isle you choose to sit today, remember there are no perfect humans. The progressive leftists wanted Conservatives to give Obama the opportunity to succeed. He still failed. But they wanted Conservatives to give Obama space to make those mistakes. They believed he would learn from them and correct them. He didn’t.
Now we have a Republican President. Whether you supported him fully, partially or not at all, he is the President just as Obama was for eight years. Trump will not be perfect, just as Obama wasn’t. He will make mistakes, just as Obama did. And as you had your faith in Obama learning from his own mistakes, Republicans and Conservatives have faith that Trump will learn from his own mistakes too.

Determined to Win

The biggest difference between Trump and Obama is that Trump is independently successful. Trump has failed and succeeded many times, and on his own with no hand holding. There was no organized community of snowflakes behind him to hug him and give him a participation trophy. He built his empire on his own. When Trump makes a mistake, he may not admit the mistake. But he certainly will correct it because he knows how to. Trump has proven he knows how to read the situation in order to win.
In his inaugural speech as President in which he was speaking to every single American (not just his base) President Trump said “I will never, ever let you down”. He is determined to win and does not like losing. The President does not want a “participation trophy” and knows that when the United States wins, he wins. He cannot win if the Country fails. It is incumbent upon Americans to give President Trump the same space Obama had. We ALL will now need to take a “wait and see” attitude as Conservatives did under the Obama administration.


While we “wait and see” with President Trump’s actions, snowflakes must behave themselves so we don’t have to put them in time out.