For some reason text on a colored background image (can be blank, with a graphic or with a photo) is more interesting to people than just text. This is proven by how many memes are shared vs how many text posts. I don’t think people even read the text accompanied by the memes people share. They just see that it is an image, thus it is an item to be shared, liked, retweeted or forwarded via email.

Memes show a lack of originality. People don’t take the time to put things into their own words anymore. If an image is worth a thousand words, then Facebook must be full of illiterates. I’m not saying everyone on Facebook is an illiterate, but since people use text lingo and memes to express themselves, illiteracy must be high. I prefer using my own written words. Disclaimer: yes I do occasionally share a meme. But the frequency is much less to that which I share a meme to that which I use my own words.

If you want people to believe you are intelligent, write for yourself, i.e. stop reposting memes! They are boring and for those who cannot or do not want to think for themselves. Meme’s are a modern day Hallmark Card but with no sentiment. They are also less creative and not something to anticipate or look forward to like Hallmark Cards. The value of the Hallmark Card is that it comes on special occasions, not every 2 seconds in your Facebook news feed. And even if the person sending the Hallmark Card did not write the message, it is sincere and it’s purpose is to capture the sentiment desired. Memes are shared for reactionary purposes that have nothing to do with sentiment.

I know my rant will not eliminate memes. My hope is that you will now think twice before sharing one though… and maybe opt to express yourself in your own words.