I believe this Country has become a wasteland of fractured opinion. That’s why I don’t listen to much Talk Radio anymore. I used to listen to several shows daily, Neil Boortz, Laura Ingraham, Rusty Humpries and Michael Reagan. Heck, I even hosted my own! But the “voices of reason” are all becoming noise. It’s white noise, like when you are turning your radio dial trying to tune in to a station …. sssshhhhhhhhhshhhhhhhhshhhhhhhhhhhh. All I hear is arguing for arguement’s sake, arguing just to keep up ratings, arguing just to make money. The traditional media outlets aren’t concerned for our Country’s well being. It’s about an agenda, an agenda that has no regard for the truth, only regard for money. These outlets have fostered an incesant debate that is to discredit the opposite view, even if the truth is the opposing view. The conglomerates that own the media outlets that we read, watch and listen to, to hear the truth, are in it for the money, period. We no longer get the truth. We get distorted facts that are designed to keep us glued and wanting more because the truth might not be as exciting. If you listen with an open mind, you can tell, because there are so many variations of the truth. Sometimes you’ll already know what the truth is, but you don’t about hear it. You’ll only hear what’s on the agenda, which is to keep people listening so the ratings go up, and so the networks make money.