Shiny Objects

I was in the pharmacy with my mom a few weeks back. She was getting a couple prescriptions filled out. While waiting I was perusing the end caps. On one I saw bracelets in plastic packaging. They were gold with a strip of silver. I couldn’t resist the shiny product inside the packaging, so I picked one of the end cap to get a better look.

Upon closer examination, the “gold” on the band was actually a polished copper. The bracelets, or wrist bands I was looking at were those copper and magnet bands that promote better blood circulation and over all better health. I decided to show one to my mom and see what her reaction would be.

Making the Purchase

“Buy one” she says. I told her I didn’t bring any money with me, as I was not planning on buying anything. “I’ll buy it for you”, she tells me. “Um, ok” I thought to myself. Aren’t these things what strange, kooky people buy? Well, why argue with my mom at the pharmacy. She was trying to be thoughtful and generous.

So I started searching for one that I liked. They had different designs. Ah-ha! I found one I liked. It was almost eight bucks! But then, another caught my eye and the price tag was under three dollars! “What is the difference” I wondered. “Oh well, can’t be a big difference. Maybe someone just put the wrong price on.” I concluded to myself as I walked up to the cash register.

Call Me A Kook

I am now officially a kook. I wear this bracelet/wrist band thing that is supposed to improve my blood circulation, get better sleep and improve my over all health. To be honest, I’ve been wearing this thing for about three weeks and I haven’t noticed a thing! But I’ll keep wearing it because it is fun being kooky!

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