I usually only like to post when I have something to say. Lately, I just haven’t been so inspired. I have thought it odd because I do like to talk and share my opinion or POV (that’s text lingo for “point of view”). I’m not sure if it is because of so much uncertainty and I’m waiting for to all settle down, if I have just exhausted my passion or if it is something else.

It can’t be because of uncertainty, because I am certain of how things will shake out. It may take some time, but I know the end to this story. So I am not really frightened or worried. I am mostly restless, and impatient! And my wife will tell you, I am a very patient person.

I know it’s not because of a loss of passion. Passion creates innovation. One does not take the path of least resistance when passionate. I would almost say that those with the most passion rarely follow, but rather lead or create new paths for others to follow. That is where I am at.


So why the lack of verbiage from me lately? Probably just temporary social media fatigue. There has been so much that has happened with social media over the last few years, and it has kept me busy. At the beginning of this summer, it seemed like there could be a lull in all the fervent activity. But alas, Google released Google Plus (G+)! And so in the social media circles, there has been a lot of buzz (small nod to one of Google’s other social media projects) about G+, how it compares to Twitter and/or Facebook and how the social media landscape will change.

I’ve been playing on G+ a little (follow me at gplus.to/charlieprofit). And I think it’s a great new service, although it is still in “Beta”, which means one can or should expect issues from time to time. I have not had any myself. While I will continue to play on Twitter and Facebook, I will be spending time on G+ too. I think these social media services will be like choosing an email or Instant Message Provider: some like Hotmail, some Yahoo and some Google, while others prefer their ISP email service. People like me will play on all the playgrounds, while others will choose one and stay there. Fair enough.

The best part about G+ is you don’t have to join to get updates! You can (and probably will) get some of my updates in your email in box; that is as long as I have your email address. You see, the best way to understand G+ is that it truly works like IRL (in real life). I choose a circle of friends that I want a specific message to go to, send it, and it is only that circle that gets it. Facebook actually has this little known feature too, using lists, but the difference is that G+ will also send the message via email to people that are not on G+ and may never want to be, but that I have included in a “circle” that I want to receive a post or message. Don’t worry, you can opt out of receiving those messages, just like you would a newsletter you no longer want to subscribe to. I think that’s pretty revolutionary; Google understands not everyone wants to join “another” social network, but people want to stay connected. In time, maybe they will join, if Google courts them properly.

So, my passion for social media is recharged, and as for radio…Stay tuned. I have an article being published this month on a well regarded industry website. Exciting times!

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