How is your coffee?

There’s not much choice by way of good instant coffee. Nescafe is pretty good from what I recall, but we have tried to not buy Nestle products anymore since previously learning that Nestle Chairman Peter Brabeck-Latmathe’s assumed position on water is that “access to water should be a privilege, not a right“.

Initially, I was going to discuss the lack of quality instant coffee. But as I was looking for the “ban Nestle” image I used for this post, I came across a video from the Chairman where he explains his position on the water issue, and it’s not exactly what we thought.

Since watching this video, I am inclined to agree with him. Do you think he is right and being honest or is this a propaganda piece?

I believe access to water should be free if you want to get it from a stream or brook yourself. But I also believe that having it come to your house through pipes and filtration systems must have a fee associated, much like electricity. After all, it takes people to manage those systems; and the materials to build and maintain them are not free either. If we want to use water beyond necessity (such as in pools and washing cars, etc), water use becomes a privilege, not a right. Do you agree that we should pay for that privilege?

To bring this back around to coffee, I am now curious how much water is used every day for coffee. Would you classify having that cup (or more) of coffee privilege or a right? Tell me what you think in the comments.

Hope you enjoyed your coffee!