There is alot of controversy surrounding Halloween, especially in the Christain circles. Nevertheless, Halloween is my favorite holiday. Now wait before you gasp with surprize and let me explain. I like Halloween not because of all the candy I used to get, not because of all the scary movies, not even because of the Great Pumpkin! I like it because of the masks and costumes. Yes, the masks and costumes. I like Halloween because it is a holiday that portrays life honestly. It reflects what people do daily: put on a mask and pretend to be something they are not.

Our media has created a culture that that is constantly trying to live up to the images we see on TV and in the movies. There is a level of self-importance that is created within the individual. Our culture is hung up on position and title; status is king. People create an image of themselves to be something that they are not, so the public perception of them will be more favorable than not. Many times people do not realize how deceptive they are by employing such tactics. People play Halloween everyday, October 31st people are honest about it…read more later today