Hydro-Quebec suggests using these bulbs as a means of cost savings on energy use, as you can see here: http://bit.ly/MZefy0. So, if one gets cancer by following Hydro-Quebec’s recommendations, can one sue them? I was just about to look into purchasing some, as I am looking to reduce my energy bill. However, now I definitely won’t!  Read the article for the list of potential cancers these bulbs can cause. And if one breaks, you almost need a Hazmat team to clean up the mess because of the amount of mercury in them!


Energy saving light bulbs ‘contain cancer causing chemicals’ – Telegraph

    • Energy saving light bulbs ‘contain cancer causing chemicals’ Fears have been reignited about the safety of energy saving light bulbs after a group of scientists warned that they contain cancer causing chemicals.
      • Peter Braun, who carried out the tests at the Berlin’s Alab Laboratory, said: “For such carcinogenic substances it is important they are kept as far away as possible from the human environment.”
        • The Department for the Environment insists the bulbs are safe, despite the fact that they contain small amounts of mercury which would leak out if the glass was broken.

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