Let me start by saying that I am pro-life. I do believe we all have that same right to life, even beginning at conception. Yesterday I learned of the murder of abortionist Dr. George Tiller. This man made his living for decades performing partial birth and late term abortions. Dr. Tiller has killed enough babies that could have populated a whole city! I do not condemn his murder. But I do not believe it was right for his life to be taken by another man. It was wrong. However, I am glad he is gone, but I do not condone the murder either.

Some bloggers don’t share my sentiment:

Obviously, his actions were vile. He did horrible things. I’m not going to rehash the horror stories. However, just as vile has been the response from some of those on the Right. This is not a time to gloat. I am anti-abortion because I value human life… all of it. It’s nauseating to think that anyone would celebrate the death of another person – no matter WHO they were.

The Moral Dilema

Let me ask you something. This is especially for those pro-lifers who do condemn the murder of Dr. Tiller. If your mother was murdered, and then a vigilante one day murders your mother’s killer, do you feel sympathy for your mother’s murderer? Or do you feel he got his just due?  Do you condemn the vigilante for killing your mother’s killer? Or do you feel justice was served?

It’s Hypocrisy

So, what I am understanding from various debates about the murder of Dr. Tiller is that some pro-lifers seem to be hypocritical. These pro-lifers shout from the tree tops that all murder is wrong, and condemn the act that took Dr. Tiller’s life. But they also say that it’s wrong to be glad that Dr. Tiller is dead, no longer killing innocent babies. This is where the whole agreement with me ends. These pro-lifers are outraged that some people are glad over Dr. Tiller’s death. While I agree that all murder is wrong and the murderer should be punished accordingly, I also take the position that I am relieved Dr. Tiller is dead. Let’s be clear, it does not mean I am glad he was murdered. It only means that I am glad he is no longer alive to continue to perform abortions.

Okay, I’ll get to the hypocrisy. What I am wondering is why none of these pro-lifers have shouted from the tree tops that they wish Dr. Tiller was still alive. After all, if you condemn his murder you must wish he were still alive and not dead! Why would you condemn the murder, but be glad he is dead? You do understand that you can’t have your cake and eat it too, don’t you? You are either glad he is dead, or you aren’t, regardless of how it happened. If you are sad he is dead, then you wish he were still alive. And if you do wish he were still alive, you also understand he would continue his heinous acts of killing babies. See the hypocrisy yet? If these pro-lifers do indeed wish he were still alive, that would mean they have to accept that more babies would die by his hand. So, do you wish he were not murdered, and are sad that he is dead, which also means you wish he were still alive? Or are you glad that he is dead, and no more babies will die by his hand? If you are glad he is dead, stop condemning the murder. It makes you a hypocrite.

In Conclusion

Murder is wrong on all counts, no doubt. Those who commit the crime should be punished accordingly, as will Dr. Tiller’s killer. Pro-lifers all believe abortion is murder. We do agree on that. Now we should also be glad that the world has one less abortionist. Is that a stretch for you to be happy about?

The Bible tells us that God’s law is above man’s. Man’s law currently allows for murder of innocent life through abortions. Dr. Tiller made his living doing that, breaking God’s law everyday, several times a day. Now God will judge him. Let’s be glad we don’t have to, for I’m certain many of us would be less merciful than God.

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