Can it get any worse? I’m not going to cite examples, or provide links because you already read and hear about it in current events and politics. I had convinced myself that at some point our great Country would come together again and unite, without another 9/11. That now seems almost impossible but there is still some time remaining to make a significant change.

The real war we are up against, sadly, is in our own country: This is a very divided country. United we stand, divided we fall. Unfortunately, being so divided, we are about to fall, collapse and self-destruct. In the media, on tv and radio talk shows, and throughout the internet, on blogs, our division is all over the place. The whole world can see it. They are watching the greatest Country to ever exist, the U.S.A., collapse. It’s historical, really. You would be an idiot if you couldn’t see how divided we are. The last election proves it!

Millions of people condemn the other side…just because, well, they are on the other side. The desire for unity is gone. There are disagreements for disagreement’s sake. There is no conversation about the truth, because everyone has their own version. The truth gets distorted in the debate, depending on which side you are on. Both sides are distortionists. It doesn’t matter what Conservatives or Liberals say…each are battling for power, to control the government. It’s purely sport now.

However, they are not battling for our best interest. There is no honest battle to stablize the economy, bring gas prices down, create accessable health care for all, or to control inflation. There is no honest battle to stop the drug war, or to give those who are impoverished a respectable life. There is no honest battle for an “ownership” government. The politicians want us to think they are battling in our best interest. But, there is no honest struggle for unity in our Country. There is no fight to find the common ground that unifies us. Have you seen it? No, you haven’t because the struggle is to keep us divided. It’s an all or nothing system. The politicians, both Republicans and Democrats just want power; the power to be in control, at the risk of division with an illusion of unity. Our political system today has nothing to do with being unified, and everything to do with greed and corporate agendas. It is this battle for power within our own government that will cause our collapse and ultimately destroy us. The people of our Country are supposed to be the goverment, but no longer. United we stand, divided we fall. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about any conspiracy theory either. I believe it is more complicated than a secret organization (that isn’t so secret anymore) plotting to bring our Country to collapse.

It is our very own political nature that is dividing us. The general public is forced to be divided. “If you don’t support us, you must be in support of them.” After our elections, we are supposed to come together, and be united. Yet we remain divided, election after election. And the division between us becomes greater and greater. Do I need to remind you again? United we stand, divided we fall. As the song goes, “We’re on the eve of destruction.”

Our country has a great foundation, it’s called the Constitution. But the support beams that hold the walls and roof are coming apart and rotting. We have termites in our house. We need an extinguisher (I mean that in a metaphoric way, not literal, of course). And we need to rebuild the support beams, in good ol’ American Steel.