This news is a month old but I’ve been wanting to write about it. So, here it is!

Gist was a great contact information aggregation service. Once you connected your contacts with it, it could pull in all your contact’s social networking posts and status updates so you could easily stay abreast and in touch with them. I hope T.A McCann will continue to be visible and post his productivity tips. He is a very smart guy and easily likable. I had an issue once and he responded in a timely manner. Blackberry is luck to have him. was a great online calendar and scheduling agent where your customers could suggest meeting times based on your own availability which you. They are based here in Montreal and I have been meaning to stop by and meet them. They are also a smart team and from what I understand they will be bringing the functionality to the new Blackberry.

While I was not an AVID user, I did use the services from time to time. I definitely saw the benefits of both services and when tied to a Blackberry could make a busy executive much more productive and able to give a personal touch when reaching out to speak with clients.
You can read their respective blog posts about the services being sunset here and
If you are looking for alternatives for Gist, owns a great alternative at Gist also posted some more great alternatives on this blog post: There is also which is very similar.
On the blog they suggest as a replacement service. In the comments another service was recommended called
If you have other suggestions as replacements, please suggest them!