As we get closer to the election and people argue that we need to ouster Obama with Romney, I am convinced people do not read the same things I do, or they ignore some of the most important similarities between the two.  A vote for Romney is essentially saying you don’t mind an assault on civil liberties and that you don’t mind more wars. If that is what you believe, then we are on different pages completely. Stand up for what is good and right! Voting Democrat or Republican will not make things better. Voting Libertarian will send a message to Washington that we value our Constitution, our personal rights, and civil liberties and that we do not want more war. 


Ron Paul Will Not Endorse Romney Because He Rightly Thinks America is a One Party System

    • Ron Paul is the most consistent politician in D.C.
      • First, Paul called out both President Obama and Romney as, essentially, puppets of the Fed. “There are people who are very, very powerful that are able to make sure their interests are protected – whether it’s the people who run the Federal Reserve and bail out banks and bail out European banks and international situations,” he explained. “Right now, they have their two guys there.”
        • He then slammed the two candidates, saying they’re part of the same mold. “Why does Obama not attack Romney for being the Goldman Sachs candidate? It’s because they both are within the establishment where they need the Federal Reserve and the lender of last resort to make sure that you can take all the risks in the world, but don’t sweat it because government will be there and the fed will be there and they’re going to get bailed out,” he argued.
          • In the end, Paul sealed the deal with finality: “[Obama and Romney] represent a one party system.

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