There is a certain romance that goes along with AM radio, for the 30+ crowd…maybe even 35+. I remember listening to AM radio as a kid, and thinking how cool it was that one person could entertain so many. I then made my career in the radio industry. It is sad that such great stations are now broadcasting mediocre (at best) entertainment. The bean counters that took over operating radio stations have no vision for the future and only concentrate on todays profits (which are dwindling because of poor programming, and new, better choices). Their shortsightedness is the New Media’s gain, as we will see when WiMax is rolled out, and Internet radio will be accessible virtually anywhere. For those who enjoyed listening to distant stations on the AM dial, the Internet offers an option with streaming, but it is not the same as tweaking your radio dial just right, and waiting for tropospheric conditions to hear stations from all around the Country, even the world in some cases. If you have a chance, you should take a listen to your local AM station, even for a few minutes. It’s a piece of History that will soon be lost and you will get to say you once listened.

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