This is an interesting “development”. I wouldn’t expect anything less, really. The fact that they can now openly declare bin Laden is dead gives fuel to their fire. Instead of trying to continue to prop bin Laden up as alive, they can now move forward with electing a new leader.

This confirmation does not appear that they confirm HOW bin Laden died, just that he IS dead. And I happen to believe he’s been dead for a long time. The clip below also gives more reason to suspect when bin Laden died because they are seemingly unaware of how bin Laden was “laid to rest” (according to over Government officials). So it seems to me to be a prepared statement they had ready for a moment like this when the US would claim to have killed him.

Al Qaeda has known for a long time that bin Laden was dead. There is an article from an Egyptian newspaper from 2001 with what is more or less an obituary for bin Laden. They have been laying low, waiting for a moment like this where they can reunify under a new leader and continue to terrorize the US and world. It will be interesting to see what Pandora’s box this opens. read the clip and then tell me what do you think:

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The writers of the statement appeared unaware of the announcement by American officials that bin Laden’s body had been buried at sea. The statement warned against mishandling or mistreating bin Laden’s body and demanded that be handed over to his family, saying “any harm (to the body) will open more doors of evil, and there will be no one to blame but yourselves.”



Original: Charlie Profit