I’m getting my fake fingernails put on and I’m thinking of you. I have a pitch meeting at Pie Town tomorrow and I chewed all my real fingernails off last night watching Anita Dunn express her admiration for Mao Tse Tung.  Thank you for exposing yet another enemy of our freedom.  You are so passionate and curious and smart and real.  Sigh.

Growing up in Canada, I used to watch Victoria Jackson on a show called “Bizarre” (where Super Dave Osborn got his start too). She always had a skit where she read a poem, usually a silly one. And she always started it with: [name of poem] by Victoria Jackson. It was funny. And I thought she was gorgeous…still do actually.

I got a chance to meet Victoria when I was working for Citadel Communications in Reno, Nevada. She is friends with Talk Host extraordinaire Rusty Humphries. He and I worked in Reno at the same time. Victoria came to the station to do an in studio interview with Rusty and as Production Manager, I was asked to record some sound bytes with her after words. I still have the raw audio. I just don’t have the technology to play it back as I recorded on what is called a DAT, and I don’t have a DAT Player! (note to self: Add DAT Player to Wish List) That was back in 1999.

Here she is 10 years later and she has taken on some serious issues but with the charm only she can deliver. Here in this “Love Letter to Glenn Beck” she covers quite a bit of ground. And it’s a very entertaining read, while enlightening at the same time. It’s fun to see that this actress I had a crush on in 1989, I met in 1999 (not that she would remember, haha) is championing causes that I agree with in 2009.

Maybe I’ll interview her on my show. Then maybe she’ll write a love letter to me too!

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