#MB Here is a thought for you, especially if you work in the radio or
music biz: A musician or band sending out free .mp3 or .wav singles or
full albums are enticing consumers the same way that paging and cell
phone companies used to do by offering free pagers/cell phones. Once
you have the device, you use the service. Relate that to the music
industry and it works in a similar same way; it’s an ends to a means.
If consumers have the music to listen to and they like it, they are
more likely to buy a concert ticket, a t-shirt, or even a CD! Why does
the music industry not get that? One BIG reason Metallica gained in
popularity, was due to the fans sharing the music! Free music is the
catalyst to selling products to make a profit. Why would I wear a Def
Leppard t-shirt if I didn’t like the music? Why would I go to a U2
concert if I didn’t like the music? If people can’t hear the music,
they aren’t going to buy it or any of the merchandising that goes
along with it. Don’t misunderstand me. Musicians and bands don’t have
to make every song or album free. But sending out some tunes to whet
the appetite will definitely add Karma to your universe. What do you

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