I don’t often discuss politics. The reason is simply because there is so much more to talk about, and it is easy to find political discussion on the Internet. I have never been quiet about my position though. I am an Independent with mostly Conservative values. I took one of those Internet tests to determine one’s political position, and my score placed me as a Libertarian. Of course it was a short quiz, and I’m sure digging further would have had different results. I’m not going to go into detail today about all of my beliefs. Suffice it to say, I believe in a limited government, I am pro-life, and believe in the right to bear arms. 

This race for POTUS 2008, up until last week, had left many voters stuck without someone to really get behind and push over the finish line, third party candidates not-with-standing. I don’t think any Conservative wants to see a repeat of the 1992 election where third party candidate Ross Perrot split the Conservative vote. But many Conservatives have been unsure of Republican Presidential Candidate John McCain. McCain is in an odd position because many Republicans think he is too liberal and many Democrats think he is too conservative. Some people were starting to look more seriously at third party candidates such as the Libertarian Presidential Candidate Bob Barr, or Constitution Party Presidential Candidate Chuck Baldwin as a real alternative to John McCain. That is, until last week when John McCain made his announcement of who his running mate would be: Sarah Palin. Sarah Palin

Many American’s all said or thought the same thing: Who is Sarah Palin? Since then the media frenzy has been wild and we probably know more about Sarah Palin than we do our own spouses. All media outlets are hoping to be the first to break a story on her, many scouring for something that could be damaging to the McCain/Palin campaign. Hey, controversy sells. And American’s buy it. But we are not talking about politics as usual anymore. A woman, a wife and mother of five is changing the political landscape. Women have been involved in politics for a long time. But now, the stage is being set for our Country to be led by a woman. Will the American women rally behind her?

I believe that the USA, and the World for that matter needs some nurturing. Women are the nurturer’s in our relationships: mothers, grand mothers, sisters, wives. We look to the women in our lives for comfort, advice, and love. And it’s not unusual to find women that are strong, smart and courageous too (just look behind any successful man)! If you look at her personal life of being a mother of five and leading a successful poltical career you have to admire Palin’s tenacity. Some will argue that being a mother will interfere with being the Vice-President of the United States. If anything, being a mother will strengthen her ability to be intuitive and to get things done. Palin has shown us that one can get involved, and make a difference. She started at the local level and worked her way up. She didn’t waste valuable time talking about what needed to be done. She stepped in and got things done, just like my mom.

Sarah Palin is the kind of Vice-President we need, and the kind of mother we admire. I am voting for McCain/Palin in November.

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