I know some of you that read my opinions still support Obama. That is why I’d like to point something out to you, not that you’ll listen now. In any case: Obama is a hypocritical liar. This is evident by the fact that he railed on President Bush about family income going down during Bush’s 2 terms in office. Well, Obama sure isn’t doing anything positive for family income. As a matter of fact, he has let it slide father down. (You can’t blame Bush for Obama’s lack of leadership abilities) What this tells me is that Obama is a liar because he promised he would put American’s back to work. (Census takers don’t count). And he is hypocritical because he chastised President Bush for something he too is allowing to happen on his watch. You see, Obama only talks a good talk. He will tell you what you want to hear. He uses words that can be interpreted in a way that will reflect what you believe, and want him to do. However, truth does not lie. His actions prove he is a fraud. Shame on you for continuing to support Obama. If this was Bush, you know you would be complaining and demanding results. Why are you giving Obama a free ride? Is it because of Affirmative Action? Do you think that because he is black that he deserves more slack to get the job done? Bush was white, so you think he had a better ability to the job and failed? But Obama is black, so we should give him more time to do what we demanded of our white President: to lead our Country to prosperity? Shame on you for your racist beliefs. Obama shouldn’t get any special treatment because he is black. He is an able bodied man, elected by an ignorant people, to do the bidding of people of power. He doesn’t need more time, because he will continue to destroy the Country. More about Obama’s hypocrisy in this article from the Washington Times: bit.ly/cgaPRR

Posted via web from Charlie Profit Report