The article linked, from Reuters has some propaganda; something you expect from bloggers, but not from a bona fide source for news. The author of the article states that the new Arizona Immigration law requires “police to check the immigration status of anyone they suspect is in the United States illegally”. This is not correct. The law states that “upon lawful stop, detention or arrest”, police can request proof of one’s right to be in the Country. This law will not make anyone subject to suspicion simply because of what they look like, as Obama tries to make you think! If you get stopped for speeding, you have no problem proving your right to drive! What is the issue with proving you are allowed to be in the Country, when you have been stopped for breaking the law to begin with! Also the last paragraph I have “clipped” here says that illegals need a path to Citizenship. There already is a path to Citizenship in place! The illegal aliens are choosing to not follow it. Remember what would happen in elementary school when someone would “cut in” or “break in” line? Yep, sent to the back! So, the solution is plain and simple! Send the illegal aliens home and put them at the back of the Citizenship line. Immigrants are welcomed! They just need to follow the rules, like everyone else.

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