With all due respect to my Catholic friends, and please understand I am not judging here but I do question how on earth can one justify that whipping oneself will bring one closer to God? Part of the reason Christ suffered and died on the cross was so we, God’s children, would not have to suffer. So, purposely flogging oneself in order to suffer and feel Christ’s pain is akin to telling God you don’t care that Christ already suffered, nor that you appreciate it. It’s like insisting to pay for a dinner when a friend invited you out and told you to leave your money at home. Don’t you think that it’s insulting? My understanding is the best way to show God you understand and accept Christ is to ask Him for forgiveness, welcome Christ into your heart and life and then live a life following Him daily, living like Him…not trying to suffer die like Him. Maybe I just don’t understand the whole purpose. Here’s more on Pope John Paul’s self-mortification: bit.ly/aJb9r4

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