Official is a strong word to use. It makes everything sound so, official. In this case, it simply means that I am announcing the redesign my blog and am make a new commitment to posting regularly, if not daily. I know that committing to a daily blog is a rather hefty commitment; I’ve tried in the past. However now that I have more focus on my plan for the Charlie Profit Report in regards to the radio show, video and blogging, I am now ready to make that commitment. I am very excited that I have been able to incorporate the same design for both the community and my blog. It took several hours of tweaking HTML and CSS code, but I managed to get it done. If something doesn’t look right, you can blame me, and I’ll see to it that the boss is notified.

What You Can Expect

I am really focused on bringing you a multimedia experience of what goes on in my world. I currently live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world (albeit somewhat socialist), Montreal. There are many sights and sounds to be explored and shared. I am intent on sharing what I can with you, and I think you’ll have fun following along. If you’re not having fun, let me know! This experiment is supposed to be entertaining and informative!

Being a legend in my own mind creates some hefty standards to live up to as well. So, I will share with you some of my craziest ideas, to my most profound thoughts. There will be discussion on a broad range of topics, from politics to religion, music to sports and everything in between. As we go along you will begin to find links in the side bar to some of the more common topics of my blog. For example, I was spreading myself too thin trying to keep up two personal blogs: The Profit Margin and this one. It’s time to work a little smarter, so you will find the Profit Margin being incorporated into this blog.

What I Want From You

As in any relationship, there needs to be a win – win situation. In this relationship, I am offering you a glimpse into my life and my world. Maybe there will be ideas you can apply in your life, and maybe there will just be thoughts or experiences I share that you enjoy. What ever the case may be, if you like the Charlie Profit Report, Blog, Video or NetRadio editions, all I ask is that you share it with your family, friends and followers. It only takes a moment of your time to click the “share” button and post to your favorite social network, book marking site or share via email. Is that too much to ask? I hope not!


I’m a kook, and I’ll tell you why. Maybe. Come back and find out!