Well, actually he does have a choice but not if he wants his approval rating to go up. And the ONLY reason he is finally doing SOMETHING for the Americans that pay his salary is because the Democrats no longer have control. He should have never given ANY money to Wall Street and should have put ALL the TARP money into small businesses to begin with. Because you see, instead of creating millions of jobs, he rewarded a few CEO’s with fat bonuses (and I don’t believe for a second he didn’t know they would turn the TARP into bonuses) and he maybe saved a few thousand jobs. But since more Americans have lost their jobs since, or the fact that people are not spending because of this economy, within six months those few thousand, will probably lose their jobs after all. Anyway, here’s where Obama is “hoping” to win points with the Independents he pissed off: bit.ly/az37Hm

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