NASA’s ‘Moon Bombing’ A Smashing Success

BY Clay Dillow16 minutes ago

Moon Bombing

This morning, around 7:31 EST, NASA’s “moon bombing” went off without a hitch as the Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Satellite captured footage of its Centaur counterpart impacting a crater on the moon’s south pole at 5,600 miles per hour. The impact displaced about 350 metric tons of lunar terrain, leaving a new crater about 65 feet wide and 13 feet deep.

Well this is interesting to say the least. While I understand the “concept” behind bombing the moon to see what is below the surface, I don’t agree with the experiment. I think it is a dangerous one, that sets unwanted precedents. With today’s robotic technology, why not send a probe with a remote control backhoe? Do some digging and bring that soil back? Surely NASA has enough technology (and US tax payer money) to develop and employ such a strategy rather than “send bombs”. I’m not much of one to be calling other people names, but what idiot came up with this idea?

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