That’s how I have felt today. Monday night I went to bed early, and didn’t do my usual Social Media follow up and posting. When I was checking my email Tuesday morning I was was blown away to read that bought Ping.Fm, and the news was released Monday! The one day I take a reprieve from “staying in the know” and I miss some big news. I’m pretty excited that two of the best social media apps are now, for all intents and purposes, one. It’s no secret I am an early adopter to most technology, especially Internet/Social Media based. I know it drives some people crazy (including my wife) but I love technology! And have even made a lateral move in my own career into IT Solutions. So for me to miss something like this is unusual. I don’t mean to give the impression I am in the know about everything going on in Social Media, but I usually am “tuned in” (if I may borrow a phrase from my radio career). To get the best reports on this development Ping’s ( and Seesmic’s blogs ( are probably the way to go, but I found this neat article from and thought I’d share it with you. I’ve highlighted the part I really enjoyed. Read more from the original article by clicking the “Read More” link…Here’s my excerpt:

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