Cpr Netradio Edition For Oct 8, 2009 – Oct 08,2009 by Charlie Profit  
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In Hour 1 Segment 2 (posted as the Joshua Blank Interview) I speak with Joshua Blank, a successful real estate investor on how any of us can become successful in real estate. He tells me how he got started in real estate and how he found himself to be a millionaire at the young age of twenty-seven. Joshua offers some really sound advice on getting started in real estate and shares his thoughts on what to avoid doing. He tells me what his formula is when finding a fixer-upper so you don’t lose money when you sell. Whats more, is he explains why anyone can get started regardless of credit history! This podcast may sound like it would qualify to be a late night infomercial but this conversation is different because you can get a free copy of his book! (He will even pay the postage, and all my listeners get a copy!) There’s no late night infomercial offering that, that I know of! So click play, or download to your preferred .mp3 player and listen. Let me know if you request his book too. It would be interesting to find out what you think and if you are able to use his system! 

I’m experimenting with how I will make these podcasts available. Your feedback will help in my process. So, let me know if you enjoyed the show! 

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