According to this report, the Department of Homeland Security considers me a threat, a potential domestic terrorist! Terrorist! Defending the Constitution, the Freedom it grants us, and is the document that made the United States, makes me a ‘potential terrorist’. If the following points about Privacy and Freedom do not give you chills and incentive to speak up and against them then you have been desensitized and recruited by the Liberal agenda to give up America’s Constitutional Freedoms. Sorry to be so harsh, but I can only speak bluntly about such important issues. You cannot give up Freedoms and still be Free. If you give up your personal rights, you become a slave. Consider what slavery is: “bondage: the state of being under the control of another person”. By giving up your rights, you give up control. That means someone or some entity will then have control over you. Does that sound appealing? Not to me. And so because I want to maintain our Freedom granted by God and hence made Law by our Founding Fathers, and I will not accept giving up such Freedoms as explained in the following article, the US Government wants to classify me in the same terms that were once used to describe Al-Qaeda or Hamas! Further, the Obama administration has discontinued use of the term “War on Terror” and instead uses the term “Overseas Contingency Operation” when it comes to Al-Qaeda. So I am a potential terrorist, but Al-Qaeda is not? Ready to give up your Freedom? Read on:

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