My prayers go out to the victims and their families of the terrible events in Haiti. North Americans are a very generous people; even when our own purse strings are pulled very tight due to our own hardship. It is good to know that North Americans are so open hearted. It should show the world we are not an evil people, but loving and caring. 

However, I have to ask, if only for the sake of shaking things up (no pun intended): why don’t you match the money you are sending to Haiti and give the same amount to a local church or organization to help the homeless or less fortunate in your own town? Christmas has come and gone. Those less fortunate in our own communities are already forgotten; those children have also forgotten Christmas for the moment. But they are the people here at home that still need our help. We rush to aid foreign Countries and forget about the people that could be our own neighbors: people that lost their jobs, people who are losing their homes, people with children to take of, or children without parents to care for them. Where is the compassion for them? 

Yes, there is devastation beyond comprehension in Haiti and I am not suggesting that we do not help those victims. And I do understand that losing your home is trivial compared to losing your whole life. But I am suggesting you step it up a notch and help out your neighbors too. If you can afford to send $10 to Haiti, I’m certain you can find another $10 that help a neighbor, someone in your own community that also is in need. What, if anything, are you doing to help those in your cities that are allowed to become invisible?

Posted via email from Charlie Profit Report