David Gergen, a CNN political analyst and former advisor to four US Presidents speaks out against Obama and his lack of leadership surrounding the Gulf Oil Spill. When a CNN talking head speaks out against Obama, you know things are bad! But Gergen’s a little late to the party, if you ask me. Many of us already knew of Obama’s lack of competency, but we were ignored. You get what you ask for Mr. Gergen. Next time don’t be so taken in by the rock star image and actually look at the qualifications of who you are voting for. I’m not suggesting the Oil Spill is Obama’s fault, I am however saying that if we had a competent leader during this crisis, it wouldn’t be such a bad situation. After all, if David Gergen can come up with a plan . . . the President should have too, weeks ago. bit.ly/bWKNkA

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