Let’s not all rush to 2010…we should take a moment to embrace the difficulties we all have endured in 2009 for the few hours that remain (for those of us in the Western Hemisphere). Let us look at the travails of 2009 with a glimer of respect for the lessons we have learned and that we should not repeat them in the future. Realize we are all still extremely blessed to live as free as we do (more than many other Countries). As difficult as we think we have had it, it could have been so much worse. Let us not lose perspective and seek to remain positive and entusiastic throughout the new year that awaits. Life will always have challenges, it is how we react to those challenges that determine our future. I am reminded of a an 80’s tune from Timbuk3 called “The Future is So Bright, I gotta Wear Shades“…I know how my future looks, how about yours?

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